baMEL Instructional Materials

These are draft materials for our current project, the Build-A-MEL (baMEL).
Please be aware that these materials are in the pilot phase and are being tested. They may change without notice.

Updated 1/27/2020

MEL-baMEL Teacher Guide 1.1
Research Participation Teacher Handbook

Activity Materials
Plausibility Ranking Task
baMEL Worksheet
Explanation Task

Extreme Weather baMEL
Extreme Weather Model Plausibility Ratings
Extreme Weather Evidence Texts
Extreme Weather Lines of Evidence
Extreme Weather Models

Fossils baMEL
Fossils Model Plausibility Ratings
Fossils Evidence Texts
Fossils Lines of Evidence
Fossils Models

Freshwater Resources baMEL
Freshwater Resources Model Plausibility Ratings
Freshwater Resources Evidence Texts
Freshwater Resources Lines of Evidence
Freshwater Resources Models

Origins of the Universe baMEL
Origins of the Universe Model Plausibility Ratings
Origins of the Universe Evidence Texts
Origins of the Universe Lines of Evidence
Origins of the Universe Models

Transfer Task Materials
Transfer Task – Teacher Guide
Transfer Task – Student Worksheet
Transfer Task – Suggested Article List

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